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Ever wondered how O’Reilly Auto Parts feels about take-backs? You know, the whole return game?

O’Reilly gives you 60 days from the purchase date to holler for a return.

Started in 1957 as a one-shop wonder in Missouri, O’Reilly is now a big shot, with over 5,500 stores across 47 states and 25 more in Mexico. Their cash register is over $11 billion in 2020, and it keeps climbing.

Alright, let’s get actionable.

Need to make a return? Just do it within those 60 days. However, be aware, that not everything in the cart can do the U-turn. For the 411 on what’s not eligible, make sure to check their return policy.

Few Exceptions to O’Reilly’s Return Policy

Sure, let’s make this easy to understand. Here is what you need to know about returns at O’Reilly Auto Parts:

  • Batteries: Once you have put the battery in your car, you cannot return it. The only way you can is if an O’Reilly store tests it and finds it is not working right.
  • Dry Batteries: If you have opened the battery or added acid to it, it cannot be returned.
  • Custom-Made Parts: If a part is specially made for you, you cannot return it.
  • Modified Parts: If you have changed a part in any way, it is yours to keep.
  • Clearance Items: Items bought on clearance cannot be returned.

Make sure to ask questions and read the return policy carefully before buying anything. That way, you will not run into any surprises later.

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Can I Return Cores To O’Reilly Auto Parts?

Got an old car part and thinking of buying a new one from O’Reilly Auto Parts.


Good News: They offer core refunds! Think of a core charge like a security deposit on an apartment. You pay extra when you get a new part, but you will get that money back when you return the old one.

So, what happens to your old, busted part? It gets the spa treatment! Cleaned, checked, and fixed up, it’s ready to hit the market again as a shiny ‘new’ piece.

Returning your core is a walk in the park. Swing by any O’Reilly store to hand it over. Buy it online? No worries—you can ship it back, but you will foot the shipping bill.

Before you rush to return it, hold on! A quick checklist:

  1. Drain any leftover fluids from the core. Safety first!
  2. Did you get your original receipt, packing slip, or confirmation email? You’ll need it.
  3. The card you used to buy the part? Have that handy for your refund.

Returning a Damaged or Defective Item

Got a lemon from O’Reilly Auto Parts? Head to their “Contact Us” page and click on “Online Ordering” to drop them an email. Prefer talking? Dial 1.888.327.7153 for a chat that will not cost you a dime. They will shoot over an RMA and, if needed, a free return label to your inbox.

Once they have got your returned goods, they will give them a once-over. If everything checks out, expect a refund zapped back to your original payment method. It is like the bad purchase never happened. 

Wrapping Up!

O’Reilly’s got a pretty chill return policy—basically, they are not fussy. Got something you do not want anymore? Take it back to O’Reilly. 

But do not go rogue just yet. There are some rules to play by. Make sure to skim their policy before you pack up your stuff to return, right?

It is all about knowing the game before you step on the field. So, do not worry if you have got buyer’s remorse; O’Reilly’s got your back. Just be smart and check the playbook first. 

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