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Cider Return Policy

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You can buy stylish clothes from the website Cider, and they will send them anywhere in the world. Thinking about returning something?

You have 14 days to do so, but the item must be unused.

If you have bought from Cider before, you know their clothes are great. But sometimes, things do not fit well or don’t look as you thought they would. That is okay, you can get a refund.

To find out how to get your money back, read Cider’s return policy. It is easier than you might think. Keep reading to learn how you can easily get a refund.

How To Return A Cider Product?

Returning something shouldn’t feel like rocket science, right? Here’s how you get your money back with Cider, no computer science degree required.

Step-By-Step Guide to Returns at Cider:

  1. First off, grab your phone and download the Cider app. Desktops are a no-go for this mission.
  2. Open the app and log in. Use the email you gave them when you bought the stuff.
  3. Head over to the “Orders” section. That is where your shopping history hangs out.
  4. Now, spot the item you are not vibing with and tap on it.
  5. Before anything else, hit that “Confirm Delivery” button. It’s like saying, “Yep, got it, but it is not what I wanted.”
  6. After that, a “Refund/Return” button will appear as if by magic.
  7. Click it and pay close attention. The app will guide you like a GPS on what to do next.
  8. Once you are all set, submit your return request.

It was not too complicated, right? It is all about following the yellow brick road, one tap at a time. 

How Strict is the Cider Return Policy?

Sending back your Cider purchase? You have got a two-week grace period from the day your package arrives.

Just make sure what you are returning has not had a night out on the town.

We are talking unwashed, unworn, and lounging in its original packaging, tags, and all. Miss any of these checkpoints, and you will hit a return-policy roadblock. Keep it clean, keep it tagged, and send it back within 14 days.

How Much is Cider’s Return Shipping Fee?

You will get your cash back for the actual item but do not count on seeing a dime for the gift wrap or the original shipping costs. Got it?


Now, when it comes to sending that product back, you are the one footing the bill for the return journey. 

You get your money back for what matters—the product. But do not expect a refund on the bells and whistles like gift wrap or shipping.

And yes, you are the captain of the ship when it is sailing back—meaning, you pay for the return shipping. 

When Will I Get a Refund From Cider?

You bought something from Cider and you are not quite feeling it. No worries—here’s how you can hustle your way to a refund. First, ship those items back, following Cider’s guidelines. You know, the ones they’ve given you.

Once they get your package, they will give it a thorough once-over. If everything is cool, an email lands in your inbox. This is not just any email; it is the “You are Golden” message. It will tell you if you have made the refund cut or not.

Expect your refund pretty soon. And by “soon,” I mean only on weekdays.

But hold on, if your account’s still empty, do not panic. Check your bank account first—just to make sure you did not miss it. If the bank says all’s good on their end, time for Plan C: Call up Cider’s helpline.

Wrapping Up!

Your article’s got your back when you’re shopping at Cider. Want quick, hassle-free returns? Just stick to these easy steps. Not only will your return zip through the process, but that cash you spent? It is coming right back to you, quickly!

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