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B&H Return Policy

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Are you shopping at B&H? You are in good hands! They are big shots in photography, video, and audio, and they care about their customers. Love that new camera or laptop? Great! Not so much? No problem.

You can send it back within 30 days of getting it, even if you have used it. They will refund you minus the return shipping cost. Just make sure it is new with all the original packaging.

But what about the B&H return policy without a receipt?

You might wonder. Their website, BHphotovideo, gives all the details about returning stuff like cell phones and computers. They have different ways to handle returns, so you know you are safe.

So go on, enjoy shopping with confidence, knowing B&H has your back. If something is wrong, they have a plan to make it all good.

The B&H Photo Video Return Policy Essentials

Buy something from B&H Photo Video? No sweat, you have got a full 30 days to return it! Whether it is new or used, the rules are the same.

Now, let’s keep it fair. The item has to be in the same shape and packaging as when you bought it—Do any free goodies with it? They have got to go back too. If not, your refund will shrink by the price of the missing piece.

And if you ended up with a dud? B&H has got your back. They will fix it, swap it, or return your money for that item.

They will even exchange it for something similar if you prefer. It is all about keeping things simple and easy – just like talking to a friend. 

Does B&H Have a Restocking Fee?

Let’s go shopping for understanding, shall we? B&H Photo’s got a deal, but only with some rules. Want a full refund? Make sure what you are returning is shiny and new, exactly like when it first arrived on your doorstep.


Remember, all the accessories must be there too! Ignore the rules? B&H Photo will give you a wink, a smile, and possibly a 15% restocking fee.

So, remember, treat your purchases like a hobby, and shopping becomes a fun game. Now, go on and enjoy your shopping adventure with B&H Photo. 

Not Eligible Products For Returns

Do you know when you buy stuff online, like digital items? Well, they do not take those back. The same goes for unique gadgets like big TVs, computer combos, and monitors larger than 37″.

And guess what? They even create electronic stuff just for you like headphones, security cameras, and even educational tapes or books. 


B&H’s return policy is designed with customer satisfaction in mind, providing a clear and straightforward process for returning products.

Whether you have purchased a camera, laptop, or any other electronic gadget, understanding this policy ensures a smooth experience.

It is worth noting the specific stipulations for specialized items, reflecting B&H’s commitment to quality and customer care.

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