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Rooms To Go Return Policy

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Are you buying furniture from Rooms To Go? Great choice! They are known for striking home decor across the U.S., offering patios, dining sets, and bedding bargains. But shopping online can sometimes be a bumpy ride. You might end up with something damaged or not up to par.

Here’s where the “rooms to go return policy after delivery” comes in handy. Have you purchased online? No worries, you have got 48 hours after delivery to say “no thanks” and kickstart a return and buy it in the showroom. A different story unfolds.

Once it is delivered, returns are a no-go. But if they are late with delivery and you call it off before 48 hours of buying, you get your money back.

No fuss, just simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. It’s all about making life easier for you.

Are Rooms To Go Returns Free?

Returning something to Rooms To Go is not free. You will pay the same amount you did for delivery when you return it.

Need to replace a mattress, box spring, or something delivered to your door? That might cost you more for redelivery and restocking. If UPS delivers it, you will have to return it with them, all on your dime.

Confused about the rooms-to-go return policy complaints? You are not alone! It can be tricky, but remember, it is all part of the process. So keep your receipt handy, and do not be afraid to ask questions if you need help. 

Can I Return Rooms To Go Express Delivery Orders?

Need to know about returning something you bought from Rooms To Go? Well, let’s break it down.


What if you buy something with express or next-day delivery at their showroom? No take-backs. They start shipping it to you pronto, so refunds and cancellations cannot happen.

Are you interested in other stores like Mattress Firm and Floor and Decor? They have their own rules for returns. And you know who else sells furniture? Walmart! Keep that in mind next time you are hunting for a comfy couch or a snazzy shelf.

Simple enough? Now you are in the know, and you can shop wiser. 

How To File Your Return?

Are you buying from Rooms to Go? You have got options. They sell both online and in-store. Are you thinking about returning something? Here is the scoop.

You can only return stuff bought online. How? Just call customer service. They have made it super simple with a few easy steps.

It is a straightforward way to send back what you do not need. Happy shopping, and remember, if you need to return something, a quick call is all it takes.

Wrapping Up!

Did you buy something from Rooms To Go online? You can send it back within 48 hours after it gets to your door.

But watch out, if you shopped at the actual store, things are different. Returns are only allowed once it is delivered. Bummer, right?

But wait, there’s a silver lining. Didn’t get your showroom purchase? You can cancel it and get all your money back within 48 hours of delivery.

Just take advantage of that window! Cancel it after that but before it arrives, and they will keep 20% of what you paid. Fair or not, that’s how it rolls. So, stay on your toes, and good luck!

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