How Long Does Doordash Background Check Take?

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To protect the safety of both customers and drivers, DoorDash mandates that all new riders submit to a background check as part of the onboarding process. This is done to screen for any suspicious criminal records. So How Long Does The DoorDash Background Check take? 

DoorDash Background Check Duration:
Well, typically it may take from 5-10 days but in some cases, it may take longer for several reasons. You can check your background check status by reaching out to Checkr.

DoorDash Background Check Process?

So what exactly does their background check process consist of?

Well, The aim is to ensure that the person who becomes a dasher is safe to deliver food to the customers’ doors and is reliable. For that, they would need a thorough examination of the applicant. Your driving license, your criminal record, and any other pertinent information are gone through.

This entire screening process of the dashers is done by Checkr, a third-party company at a DoorDash dasher onboarding center.

Why can’t DoorDash verify my identity?

Well, If the ID you provided doesn’t show your face properly, or you’re covering any part of it mistakenly with a finger, DoorDash can’t verify your identity. Also, make sure the image is not blurry.

Can You DoorDash As A Felon?

I did say DoorDash requires its drivers to have a clean criminal record, But I didn’t say “crystal clean” though. 

To put it simply, during your Checkr background screening, within the last seven years, arrests and charges that have resulted in a conviction are sought after. Prior convictions do not affect your employment prospects as a felon.

So yes, you can become a dasher as a felon if you have a clean record for at least 7 years.

Can You DoorDash With A DUI?

This question, “Can you doordash with a dui?” doesn’t have a clear yes-or-no answer, to be honest.


Because a large number of drivers with DUI records have been selected and those in comparable circumstances have also been turned down.

Only the last seven years’ worth of driving history and criminal history—specifically, traffic infractions, sexual offenses, and felonies—are examined during the background check of DoorDash.

So if you’ve been charged with DUI before this time, what’s the worry?  Check your state’s DUI laws before applying, as some states remove DUIs from your record earlier than seven years, even if the offense occurred within that time frame. 

However, sometimes, the older the DUI, the more likely you are to be accepted. So why not give it a try?

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Possible Outcomes Of The DoorDash Background Check

Among the several DoorDash application status outcomes are:

Clear:  “Clear” status in your portal means the background check results are clear and you can proceed to become a Dasher. 

What does consider mean on a background check?

Consider: If the status update for your background check indicates “Consider,” it means there is something regarding a specific aspect of the candidate’s background, found in the investigation that would take further time to get reviewed by the DoorDash team. 

Nothing to worry about, it’s simply that Checkr has processed your background check but the results require additional review. 

The reviews normally take 5-6 business days to complete and you are informed through an email about their decision.

You can email Doordash within 10 days or after 10 days, depending on the notice you received as a result of the review, if you think the Checkr results are incorrect, or if you disagree with their review. 

Disputed:  Your Portal will show “disputed” if you disagreed with Checkr’s Background check results and they have received it successfully.  Disputes typically take 25-30 days to be reviewed. 

Pending: This means the background check still requires more time to process something that may or may not require additional information.

How do I know this?

If your Checkr candidate portal did not request any additional information, then the only thing you can do is wait patiently until they are done with their screening process. However, if they did ask for something, make sure you provide them with the relevant data. 

Suspended:  This indicates that the background check process has stopped because Checkr needs some more documentation to continue the process. Supply the information you are asked for before the report expires.  

What does it mean if your Background check says unclear?

An unclear background Check means you cannot be qualified to become a Dasher based on your check results. 

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How Long Is The DoorDash Background Check Duration FAQS

Is Checkr Safe For SSN?

Yes, Checkr is a secure website and is safe for the SSN of a person as it encrypts it in its protected database/s to ensure data privacy.

Why is Checkr Taking Forever?

Some background checks take longer than usual because every check is different and unique than others depending on the backgrounds of the applying individuals. Make sure you keep track of your candidate portal status and provide any additional information requested that may be causing the wait. 

How to sign up for Doordash drivers?

You can follow these simple steps to apply for Doordashing:

  • Visit their sign-up page and create a profile.
  • Select the vehicle you will be driving.
  • Proceed for identity verification.
  • Assign to a background check.
  • Wait for your check results.
  • Download the Dasher app on your phone and select your desired payment method. 


The Checkr background check process for Doordash usually takes five to ten days, however, it may take longer.

Examining the candidate’s criminal history, driving record, and other pertinent data is part of this check. To speed up the procedure, it’s critical to supply any needed information as soon as possible and precisely.

Thank you for reading. Hope we were of service.

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