What Age Does Kohls Hire?

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Kohl’s is a long-running chain of department stores that works on refund, return, and exchange policies. 

Kohl's Hiring Age!
As it runs about 1000 above stores, it requires new hirings for every unique entry job opportunity starting for 17-year-old individuals.

So, attention, job seekers! If you want to know about the age requirement or job information, you are in the right place for your search.

So take advantage of this valuable content and scroll down until the end.

Looking for a job?

If you are looking for a retail job with no experience in that, I suggest Kohl’s as one of the best. 

So be part of other stores similar to Kohl’s, such as Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dillards, Belk, Target, etc.  

What Age Does Kohl’s Hire?

The minimum age at which Kohl’s hires an individual is 17. They are provided mostly with sales assistant and cashier jobs, which may be challenging because they are hourly and public-facing. 

Kohl's Age Hiring

As Kohl’s store hours are from 9 am to 10 pm daily, you are lucky to work only 8 hours per day.

Do Kohl’s hire for Remote jobs?

Kohl’s typically does not post to hire for remote jobs, but occasionally, the company does post for remote employment. As I was scrolling down on their website, I came to know that new Kohl’s careers in remote jobs were added to the employment section. 

Kohl’s Pay to Workers

Interestingly, Kohl’s also pays workers hourly depending on the minimum wage laws of specific cities. Let’s discuss the general overview of its pay offers.

$9 per hour is the average rate offered by Kohl’s.

$14 per hour is the average rate offered by Kohl’s to beauty advisors.

$10 per hour is the average rate Kohl offers to stockroom operations associates.

With experience and time, Kohl’s do offer bonus and upgradation of pay.

Benefits of Working with Kohl’s

Get selected for a job! Congratulations on going to enjoy the following benefits provided by Kohl’s to their employees.

  • You can enjoy employee discounts on different products in the store
  • You can have commission-based pay or hourly pay
  • They provide part-time or full-time schedules.
  • They offer health benefits along with insurance policies.
  • Retirement plan. (401 k plan)

Regardless, Kohl provides 100% paid tuition through the associate education benefit program.


To sum the whole thing up, I would like you to show your interest in working with Kohl’s and never forget to meet the job requirements.

Kohl’s is a reputed company with a great environment, so I was hoping you could consider it for employment. The 17 years of age joining opportunity is an excellent offer by Kohl’s. It can lead you to gain valuable work experience and knowledge and earn some money at a very young age.

Take advantage of the opportunity to work with them!

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