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Does Five Below Take EBT?

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Find out if 5 Below accepts EBT as a valid payment option. 

So, before I begin, let’s talk about EBT cards. This is for you guys to understand better. 

Your Electronic Benefits Transfer card is much like your debit card in which benefits such as SNAP or food stamps and cash assistance are issued to eligible users, but guess what? 

You must buy something with the funds loaded onto your card. You can only use it at specific stores for certain goods.

Many stores have an EBT logo on their entrance, which means they accept EBT cards. Unfortunately, Five Below is not one of them.

Does Five Below Accept EBT?

Um, no. On their service page, they have clarified that they will not take EBT in 2023. They never accepted Electronic Benefits Transfer cards even before,  for their reasons which we will look at later.

So, what does 5B accept as a payment method?

Talk About Online Methods?

Well, wondering if Five Below Accepts ApplePay. Yes, not just ApplePay but; 

From your web browser using your laptop or desktop, 5 Below accept

  • Credit/Debit Cards including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.
  • Paypal
  • Their Gift cards
  • GooglePay & ApplePay

From your smartphone, you can pay using the same except the gift cards.

Along with EBT, 5B also does not accept;

  • Checks 
  • International Debit cards
  • Money orders

And that’s it.  But for all the individuals with low income, using the EBT service, I’ve got your back. There are many other one-dollar stores similar to Five Below that do accept Electronic Benefits Transfers.

Dollar Retailers Accepting EBT

  • Dollar General (not all their stores take EBT so it’s best to call ahead and confirm)
  • Family Dollar (only a few stores don’t accept)
  • Dollar Tree (all locations accept EBT)
  • 99 Cents (all locations accept EBT)

Not accepting EBT is only one of the things that sets Five Below apart from the other dollar stores. They have a unique return policy. Five Below Exchange & Return policy has no time frame for returning items. 

Now, let’s look into why 5 Below does not accept EBT.

Reasons Why EBT Is Not Accepted At 5 Below

The first one is the eligibility of EBT cards.


 Let’s look into what you can get with an EBT card. There are two types. If your EBT benefits come from SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), you can only purchase eligible food items like fruits and vegetables and some seeds to grow for your own. 

If your benefits come from TANF, you can also get some options for non-food items. Either way, the eligibility of these cards is the main reason why 5B does not accept EBT since it doesn’t sell vegetables and fruits. (source)

Other possibilities include preventing fraud and not having the proper system to process EBT payments.

For now, that’s all.  Oh and are you seeking to get a job at Five Below? Click here and get updates about their hiring policy and the age requirements to get hired at Five Below.


Unfortunately, Five Below does not accept  Electronic Benefits Transfer as their payment method; however, you can still utilize other payment options.

In this article, we also mentioned other one-dollar stores, like 99 Cents and Dollar Tree, that accept EBT.

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