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Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

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In today’s fast-paced world, people want convenience when making purchases, avoiding the hassle of carrying cash or searching for credit cards in their wallets.

Enter mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, which is gaining popularity as they allow consumers to pay with a simple tap of their phone.

But what about shopping at Dollar General? Can you use Apple Pay there?

Simply put, no. Dollar General doesn’t accept Apple Pay, but you should know more.

To help you, I have put together this article to provide all the information you need about using mobile payments at Dollar General.

What Is the Dollar General Store?

Dollar General, a discount retailer established in 1939, is the most significant of its kind in the country. It joined the esteemed Fortune 500 list in 1999, showcasing its status as one of America’s most profitable companies.

Offering a wide range of products, including household goods, pet supplies, toys, food, and apparel, Dollar General stands as an excellent resource for affordable essentials.

While not everything is priced at a dollar, most items are cheap.

Especially in times of high prices and economic concerns, shopping at budget-friendly stores like Dollar General can help you manage your food budget effectively.

For added convenience, Dollar General and Dollar General online offer various payment methods, including the popular Dollar Tree Apple Pay, ensuring a smooth checkout experience across their 18,000 retail locations in 47 states.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Does Dollar General accept Apple Pay? The answer is no. Unfortunately, Dollar General doesn’t currently accept Apple Pay as a form of payment.


In July 2020, Dollar General mentioned that they had updated certain stores to support Apple Pay, but they later clarified that they had no plans.

However, if you have an Apple Card, you can still use it at the Dollar General checkout. The Apple Card is a MasterCard linked to your Apple Pay account.

So, while Apple Pay isn’t an option at Dollar General, Apple Cardholders can still make their purchases.

Why Dollar General Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay

The following are some of the reasons why can’t you use apple pay at dollar general;

1. Not Enough Interest

Dollar General usually attracts budget-conscious shoppers hunting for great bargains on household items. The company has noticed that not all customers own an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Consequently, only a fraction of shoppers would use this payment method. The expense of installing specialized readers wouldn’t be justified.

2. DG GO

DG GO is a nifty smartphone app crafted by the company. It enables customers to scan their purchases and make payments using their phones effortlessly. Say goodbye to fumbling for cash or cards! But that’s not all.

The company’s website and most retail stores gladly accept payments made with this ultra-convenient contactless digital wallet. It’s a game-changer in simplifying transactions and embracing the digital age. 

3. Process Fees

Businesses incur a fee whenever customers opt for Apple Pay, which tends to rise over time, sometimes reaching high levels.

The company cuts costs in various areas to offer customers the best prices possible.

By choosing not to accept Apple Pay, the business can pass on the savings to customers, allowing them to enjoy lower prices on the products they purchase.

What Payment Methods Does Dollar General Accept?

You may make a variety of payments at Dollar General locations. They accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa as forms of payment.


Debit cards are also accepted, including those from MasterCard and Visa. Checks and cash are also accepted.

You may make eligible purchases at Dollar General with a SNAP EBT prepaid debit card. These include meal preparation supplies and seeds and plants for indoor gardening.

However, non-food items including toiletries, paper goods, pet supplies, vitamins, dietary supplements, and over-the-counter medications cannot be purchased with SNAP EBT cards.

Some retailers allow you to pay using your debit/credit cards or your PayPal account using the DG GO! app. By using contactless payment, you can bypass the checkout queue.

How To Shop Online at Dollar General

When you visit the Dollar General website, you can select the items you want and use DG Store Coupons for added savings.

The online checkout process is quick and easy, allowing you to choose between picking up your items at a nearby Dollar General store or having them conveniently shipped to your home.

Before you dive into your Dollar General online shopping experience, they’ll ask you to create an account with a password.

Don’t worry. It’s a simple process that won’t take more than a minute. By creating an account, you can opt-in to receive deals and savings through SMS text messaging, email, or both.

Now, does Little Caesars take Apple Pay while talking about online payments? Let’s find out together.

 Dollar General Take Apple Pay FAQs

Can you pay with a phone at Dollar General?

In order to use GO! Scan your items with your phone while you shop. Find and apply your coupons. You can pay using a stored credit card, prepaid card, or PayPal.

What type of payments does Dollar General accept?

Dollar General accepts various types of payments including cash, debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Does Dollar General accept digital cards?

Yes, Dollar General does accept digital cards. You can use digital gift cards or prepaid cards when making purchases at Dollar General either online or in-store.

Wrapping Up!

Regarding payment options at Dollar General, one of the leading U.S. retailers, they have got you covered. You can pay with cash, checks, or most major credit cards in their stores and online.

However, there is a catch. In-store checkouts need the fancy NFC technology required for Apple Pay.

So unfortunately, you will not be able to use Apple Pay at the point of sale. It’s the same story on their website—they don’t accept Apple Pay.

But here’s a glimmer of hope: if you have an Apple Card, you can still use it online and in stores since it’s affiliated with MasterCard credit cards.

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Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?