Do Dashers Get Any Discount On DoorDash?

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Do Dashers Get Any Discount On DoorDash

DoorDash is not a new name when it comes to leading food delivery platforms. It offers its customers many coupon codes to use for discounts, making their food delivery experience an affordable one.

However, this leads to many people asking if they have any discounts for DoorDash drivers (called dashers). So do Dashers get discounts on DoorDash? 

Do Dashers Get Any Discount On DoorDash?
Yes, they do. Dashers do get discounts, but these do not come from the DoorDash service directly. Dashers get discounts either from the Dasher reward programs or DoorDash partnerships.

So in this article, we will provide you with answers based on our latest research in November 2023 and get a look into how the DoorDash service operates, the role of dashers in detail, and what discounts they can avail of if available.

Let’s begin.

Why DoorDash Doesn’t Offer Discounts To Dashers?

DD drivers have a flexible schedule. Yes. If you aren’t a Dasher, you may not know this, but DoorDash enables its drivers to work on their schedule, delivering meals. This whole flexibility to work whenever and wherever they want kind of puts them in the non-typical employee category.

So dashers are not employees of DoorDash—they’re just independent contractors with part-time or gig work in particular.

This independence, however, puts DoorDash drivers in charge of their costs, including gas and auto maintenance. I mean, DoorDash doesn’t take responsibility for that. 

Because they are not like the employees of other companies and businesses that stick to a fixed schedule and work time, DoorDash has no special discounts for Dashers nor does it cover any insurance. 

But if you’re a DashPass card holder, it’s the other way for you. Good news, isn’t it?

Do Dashers Get Any Other Perks? 

Other perks, like free deliveries? Nope. 

Sorry, but DoorDash does not allow its drivers to receive complimentary deliveries. On the other hand, if you include DoorDash subscriptions in your employee benefits package, you can take advantage of reduced service fees and free delivery. In addition, free meals are provided to you while you work. 

Do Dashers Get Any Other Perks

Dashers can also take advantage of the exclusive pricing and discounts provided by DoorDash’s partnerships with other firms, such as motor rental and insurance providers.

Some of these businesses are;

  • Everlance (get help with mileage, expenses, and taxes)
  • Clerkie (receive free unlimited debt negotiations)
  • Turbotax
  • CarAdvice (get help with vehicle maintenance)
  • Shell
  • Darwin (discounted accessories for dashers)
  • Stride (health insurance)
  • Merit America

What Benefits Can Dashers Get?

Being a dasher, you can have many outside-food benefits, like having a DasherDirect card, which means you can have 2% cash back on gas anywhere in addition to DoorDash free meals, discounted food prices, and free deliveries; 20% off on Everlance Premium for a year; 20% off Turbo-Tax Self-Employed; getting 20% in credits to spend on car maintenance with CarAdvice; getting fuel rewards savings at Shell; and 30% off the purchase of an e-bike with free shipping and free assembly with Darwin. (source)

Additionally, DoorDash offers eligible Dashers a free month of DashPass, after which they will pay 50% ($4.99 per month).

And new Dashers also receive exclusive benefits. Want to know what they are?

Well, these special perks include first dibs on lucrative orders, dash anytime, and VIP assistance for the first 50 deliveries, following which they become qualified for Dasher rewards programs.

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How To Get Free DoorDash Credits?

Receiving surprise discounts on DoorDash delivery is a happy feeling, isn’t it? Well, DoorDash credits are the only way this is possible.

What are the simplest ways to obtain DoorDash credits, then? Here is a list of them:

Referrals: The best way to obtain DD credits is through referrals to friends and family. To invite someone, just visit their invite page and copy your special referral link, which you can then send them. You will instantly get your credits if the person uses the link to place an order on the application. Simple, is it not? And also completely free.

How To Get Free DoorDash Credits

Remember that if you live in the US, you can only receive credit for ten referrals.

DashPass: We talked about the benefits of a DashPass, including free deliveries, discounts, and 2% cash back on gas anywhere, but what if you go to pick up your food yourself with a DashPass?

YOU GET 5% CASHBACK!! It is automatically transferred into your account. 

DoorDash Gift Cards/Promo Cards: you can use gift cards to pay for deliveries, new orders, and service fees. It’s a good way to pay for your orders with discounted rates.

Refunds:  Ever encountered a problem like getting the wrong food delivered while you paid with your credit card? Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds—you can file a refund, upon which the money you paid using your credit card will be put back into your account, hence allowing you to make a new order.

Moreover, if you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card you can get credits up to $5 each month.

Do Dashers Get Any Discounts on DoorDash FAQs

Does DoorDash Do Free Delivery?

No. but yes, if you have subscribed to their DoorDash premium DashPass. Only then can you enjoy $0 food delivery.

Why can’t I get My Money From DoorDash?

Not receiving your payment from DoorDash could be a result of incorrect bank account information. How to resolve it? Simply log into your Dasher account on the mobile app and update your bank info. 

Does DoorDash Offer a Nurse discount?

No, DoorDash does not offer Nurse discounts. 


To wrap it up, Dashers do not get any discounts at DoorDash unless they have a DoorDash subscription as a part of their employee benefits package or are DashPash card holders. However many partnership benefits are available that the dashers can take advantage of.

You can follow the methods mentioned above if you want to gain some free DoorDash credits.

Thank you for reading, I hope we were of help. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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