Washing Machine Brands To Avoid

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Want to purchase a washing machine? It’s essential to pick a reputable brand to prevent any hassles in the future. During house inspections, we have observed everything, from high-end equipment costing between $600 and $1500.

Imagine paying out your hard-earned cash for a machine just to have it malfunction after a few months!

We have developed a list of washing machine brands to stay away from in order to save you time and hassle.

The durability of the washing machine is important.

You want a device that will be dependable for many years to come. Knowing which brands to avoid is crucial in light of this.

Given the wide variety of brands and models available, it’s crucial to think about the features you require in a washing machine, particularly because this is a device you’ll probably use regularly.

We’ll explore the washing machine brands you ought to steer clear of in this article.

How to Identify a Bad Washing Machine Brand

Determining the quality of a household appliance is more complex than a glance in-store or online.

However, when you discover a trustworthy and reputable brand that earns your confidence over time, you won’t hesitate to purchase any of their products.

Reliable brands offer well-crafted appliances with sturdy components, including the most reliable washing machine brands, often providing extended warranties for added peace of mind.

Conversely, the worst washing machine brands have gained notoriety for their frequent breakdowns and lackluster after-sales service.

Avoiding these brands, especially if they need an extensive network of customer service professionals nationwide, is crucial.

To identify problematic washer brands, search for customer reviews online or read blog posts compiling user experiences and recommendations. Additionally, thoroughly reviewing the warranty policy can help you narrow down your choices when comparing washing machine options.

Washing Machine Brands to Avoid

Here’s the list of brands to avoid for washing machines;


1. LG Machines 

LG, a well-known brand for home appliances, is often assumed to offer high-quality washing machine models.

However, particular customer testimonials paint a different picture. The issue with LG washing machines lies in the severity of malfunctions rather than their frequency.

For instance, some buyers have observed the machine jumping during the spin cycle, occasionally landing on its cord, posing an electrical hazard. In such cases, it becomes challenging to approach the machine and stop it safely.

One specific problematic model is the LG WT7200CW 5.0 C.u.

Many reviewers have shared their experiences, from blaming its constant malfunctions for failed marriages to revealing that it only worked slightly over 50% of the time.

While many customers have had positive encounters with LG washers and dryers, it’s understandable that those who purchased the model above might have been discouraged from the brand altogether due to such an unfortunate experience.

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 2. Whirlpool (Top Load)

When it comes to reliable washing machine brands, Whirlpool is one of the top contenders.


They produce washer models with outstanding quality and a range of advanced features. However, some models have yet to hit the mark for customers: WTW5000DW and WTW8700EC.

Many have expressed dissatisfaction with these models through online stores, customer forums, and social media.

The most common complaint revolves around the Whirlpool washer not spinning correctly. Let’s take a closer look at the WTW5000DW model:

The Whirlpool WTW5000DW is a top-loading washer with a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet. It’s white and has a low-profile design. However, its performance has left users wanting more.

Here are a few reasons why it’s best to steer clear of this particular model:

  1. Grunting sound during the sensor wash, which is irritating.
  2. Poor cleaning results, with stubborn stain spots left on clothes.
  3. Clothes tend to get tangled due to inadequate water levels.
  4. Long washing cycles, which can be time-consuming.

 3. Samsung (Top And Front-Loading)

Avoid specific Samsung washing machine models, including front-loading and top-loading ones. Though Samsung is a trusted brand, some washers may need to perform better. Users faced stressful situations when these machines malfunctioned.

Lab tests revealed that Samsung top-loaders could be more efficient, using excessive water (nearly 200 liters per load) and sometimes not functioning at all.

Front-loading machines also received terrible reviews from dissatisfied customers, especially WF42H5000AW and WF45K6500 models.

Many 1-star reviews complain about early failures within a year, with Samsung denying warranty claims.

Be cautious while considering these mechanical washing machines to prevent disappointment.

4. Summit – (Front Load)


Summit is known for its versatile combo products, but the Summit SPWD2201SS, a 2.0 Cubic Feet washer and dryer combo, has some significant issues. You’ll find yourself calling the repair person often.

This model, designed for compact homes, offers 7 wash and 3 dry cycles. However, before purchasing, it’s essential to know the common complaints about the Summit SPWD2201SS.

  • Firstly, even a simple wash takes a long time.
  • The dryer must be fixed, requiring 5 to 6 hours to dry a load.
  • It lacks a mechanism to detect the required water level. Lastly, it leaves stain spots on clothes.

5. Siemens And Bosch

If you thought dealing with washing machines breaking down and warranty issues was bad, wait till you hear about the problems some folks have faced with Siemens and Bosch washers.

Customers have shared reviews of these machines acting strangely and causing alarm.

It’s not just that they don’t do their job well; they can be terrifying. Some people have witnessed these washers jumping around and spinning in circles.

The craze can get so intense that the appliances damage themselves, banging into walls and furniture and even losing parts.

Interestingly, Germany has sent the lower-quality Siemens and Bosch washers to countries with lower testing standards.

6. Equator Super Combo Washer And Dryer (EZ 4400)

The Equator Super Combo Washer and Dryer, the EZ 4400, is often promoted as a budget-friendly washing machine.

But unfortunately, many customers have had unpleasant experiences with this model. One reason it’s affordable is because it’s compact, making it popular among RV owners who need a space-saving option.

However, this machine is known to malfunction and display error codes that persist even after restarting.

To make matters worse, Equator’s customer support may need to be more helpful in resolving these issues or providing refunds.

So, while compact washers are convenient, it’s worth considering other models that won’t give you constant trouble.

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Wrapping Up!

Selecting a washing machine is a vital decision for your new home. It is crucial in maintaining your family’s well-being and saving precious time and money.

To discover the ideal washing machine that suits your requirements, it can be helpful to eliminate the ones that are not suitable.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in doing exactly that.

Remember, finding a proper washing machine is vital to keeping your loved ones safe, ensuring cleanliness, and efficiently using your resources.

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