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Stores Like Michaels

Searching for stores similar to Michaels and offering a wide range of art supplies? We’re about to take you on a thrilling adventure through a world of artistic wonder.

While Michaels may be your trusted go-to store, other hidden gems are waiting to be discovered.

Imagine walking down aisles filled with vibrant paints, shelves packed with brushes, and various unique materials just waiting to be transformed into extraordinary works of art.

Join us as we explore an incredible selection of stores like Michaels, where your creative imagination knows no limits.

Get ready to be inspired and let your artistic desires run wild!

Top Stores Like Michaels For Similar Art Supplies & Crafts for Less

1. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking stores comparable to Michaels.

It’s a popular location for crafters and hobbyists, with items such as home décor, scrapbooking equipment, and fabric available.

Currently, there are approximately 600 Hobby Lobby locations in the United States.

They also have an online store where you may buy creative products from the convenience of your own home.

So, if you are looking for businesses like Michaels or Big Lots, Hobby Lobby is worth a look!

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2. Craft Direct

If you’re searching for places similar to Michaels for your craft projects, consider exploring Craft Direct.

They focus on providing a wide range of craft supplies and offer an extensive selection of products to cater to your needs.

Moreover, they offer competitive prices and frequently have sales and discounts available. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, Craft Direct is worth exploring.

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3. Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts is a great option to explore if you are looking for stores like Michaels that offer various crafting supplies and home decor.

They have over 850 stores in the US, and they specialise in fabrics and crafts.

You can find seasonal decor and supplies; they often have sales and promotions to help you save money.

Additionally, Jo-Ann may be a good alternative for budget-friendly crafting supplies if you’re searching for stores like Five Below. So, head to Jo-Ann and see what they have for your next creative project!

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4. Oriental Trading

One store that is similar to Michaels is Oriental Trading. It’s a company based in Omaha, Nebraska, and has been around since 1932.

They have a wide range of parties, arts and crafts products. You can find everything from beads to sequins to feathers.

What’s excellent about Oriental Trading is that they often have sales and promotions so that you can save money on crafting supplies.

If you enjoy doing arts and crafts and need a store that offers a variety of options, Oriental Trading is a good choice, just like Michaels.

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5. Walmart

Craft stores like Michaels offer a wide range of products for various creative pursuits.

While Walmart may not be the first store that comes to mind when thinking about craft stores, it surprisingly shares some similarities.

Walmart carries an extensive selection of items, including electronics, movies, home furnishings, clothing, jewellery, toys, health and beauty products, pet supplies, and sporting goods.

In addition, they also offer arts and crafts supplies, making it a convenient option for those seeking creative materials. 

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6. Target

If you are looking for other stores like Michaels or Rainbow, Target is a great option.

Target offers various products, including clothing, cosmetics, footwear, furniture, housewares, sports equipment, and arts and crafts supplies.

You can often find sales and promotions at Target, making it a budget-friendly choice for your crafting needs.

Whether working on a DIY project or looking for materials for a school assignment, Target will indeed have what you are looking for.

So, next time you need craft supplies, check out Target and save money while getting everything you need.

Target Near Me:

7. Amazon

Try shopping at Amazon if you are looking for a Michaels department store substitute.

With just a few clicks, you can quickly locate the crafts and home décor items you are searching for on Amazon, which has grown to be a popular shopping site.

One of the largest online merchants in the world, Amazon brings in billions of dollars in revenue annually.  

So, whether you’re in need of some new art materials or home furnishings, check out what Amazon has to offer.

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Stores Like Michaels FAQs

Who are Michaels competitors?  

Michaels competitors include Jo-Ann Stores, Hobby Lobby, and A.C. Moore. These companies also specialise in arts and crafts supplies, home decor, and seasonal merchandise.

What is the UK equivalent of Michaels?

The UK equivalent of Michaels is Hobbycraft. Hobbycraft is a popular arts and crafts retailer in the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of products and materials for various creative projects.

What type of retailer is Michaels?

Michaels is a specialty retailer that focuses on arts and crafts supplies. They offer a diverse selection of products, including art supplies, home decor, floral arrangements, framing materials, and seasonal items.

Wrapping Up!

Stores like Michaels are significant in providing a haven for artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

With their wide selection of art supplies, home décor items, and seasonal decorations, these stores offer a one-stop-shop for creative individuals seeking inspiration and materials for their projects.

Michaels and similar stores foster a sense of community by hosting workshops, classes, and events that bring people together to share their passion for creativity.

Moreover, the availability of online platforms and resources further enhances the accessibility of these stores, making it easier for people to explore their artistic endeavours

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