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Does Little Caesars take Apple Pay?

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Are you trying to pay for your delicious little Caesar pizza with Apple Pay for convenience but you’re just not sure if they accept it? Or got a tangled web of related questions? Well, just hang in there and I’ll take you through all the details you need.

Little Caesars is Constantly Evolving

Little Caesars is a well-known pizza chain that operates in many other countries including the US. It is one of the known names among multinational Pizza franchisors along with Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

It started with a modest concept. Initially, it did not anticipate rapid growth and did not have plans for extensive development. 

They started accepting cash as the only payment method due to the limited menu for several years. However, due to the restaurant’s success, they introduced personal accounts to record orders and offer installment payments to customers. 

As the market evolved further, it allowed its customers to pay using digital methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay, which are kind of your digital wallets. 

Little Caesars Apple Pay allows its users to make payments using their iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches.

However, according to the latest research held in July 2023, Little Caesars is not accepting Apple Pay, Paypal, or Google Pay as their payment methods currently. 

Apple Pay in Little Caesars

Does Little Caesars accept apple pay? Yes and no both. Little Caesars take apple pay but only currently they are not accepting it. However, it’s not confirmed if they accept Apple Pay at all their stores.


Little Caesars Apple Pay allows its users to make payments using their iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches.

You can order a pizza with apple pay from Little Caesars if they are accepting it, along with many other restaurants that offer digital payment.

Apple Pay is safer, requiring your Touch and Face IDs for purchasing.

Other digital payment methods include Little Caesars Paypal, and Google Pay, (which are also not currently accepted, and if you are having your mind wandering around the question “Can you pay cash for Little Caesar’s delivery?”, then yes you can do cash payment too, I mean what’s better pal?

How To Use Apple Pay In The Little Caesar’s App?

Now let’s look into how to use Apple Pay in the Little Caesars app. Follow the simple steps below and thank me later;

  1. Make sure your gadget is compatible with apple pay and install the Little Caesar’s app from the app store. 
  2. Select the items you want to order.
  3. Proceed to the checkout page, and click on the Apple icon (representing Apple Pay), when the app displays the available payment methods.
  4. After the selection, the screen will change to show the final receipt, verify your details and the fingerprint symbol will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  5. After the payment authentication, your order will be processed.

You cannot pay with Paypal as Little Caesars does not take Paypal as a payment method.

How To Use Apple Pay Cash In The Little Caesars Store?

The customer must carry out the following actions in order to utilize Apple Pay Cash in the Little Caesars store:

  1. Sign up for the app, then turn on the wallet tool.
  2. Approach the cashier and let them know how you plan to pay.
  3. The point of sale will display the total after the cashier enters the bill amount into the system, and the POS reader will be switched on.
  4. Place your device on top of the point-of-sale reader. You do not need to open the Apple Pay app on your phone.
  5. Apple Pay deducts the amount automatically.
  6. Use a touch or face ID to withdraw the money.

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Can I Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay At Little Caesars?

To keep it short, Yes you can get up to 3% cashback on every transaction while using Apple Pay, at Little Caesars. There’s also no limit to transactions.


You’re eligible for cashback from Apple, if you’re an Apple Pay user and the stores accept it.

If you are looking for discounts or promotions at Little Caesars, it’s best to check their official website and social media channels.

Customers of the Apple Pay Card often receive incentives for any purchases made with the card. For more details the Apple website’s official eligibility checker is available.

But make sure to keep track of the availability of Apple Pay as little caesars digital payment method, as currently, they’re not accepting it. 

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Little Caesars

Little Caesars takes Apple Pay to make it easy for customers to make effortless transactions. Let me take you through some of the reasons you should go for Apple Pay at Little Caesars.

1. Speedy transactions 

Apple Pay transactions are faster than physical payment methods.

2. Increased security

It is highly secure and saves you from carrying many cards.

3. Convenience

It makes it easier for you to make quick and easy payments using your Apple devices.

4. Cashback

Apple Pay offers its users cash back at every transaction at Little Caesars stores.

Other Payment Options At Little Caesars

In need of answers to questions related to other payment methods? Hang in there, we are here to answer your queries and satisfy your curiosity!

So does Little Caesars accept google pay? Well, no. Based on our last check-in in July 2023, Little Caesars was not accepting google pay as its payment method. Little Caesars is also not taking Shop Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Alipay, or Cryptocurrency payments currently. 

Then, does Little Caesars accept cash? Yes, they do accept cash payments. Other than mobile payment, Little Caesars also accepts major credit cards including American Express, Visa cards, Discover, and Mastercard.

Does Little Caesars take Apple Pay FAQs

Can I pay with my phone at Little Caesars?

Yes, you can pay with your phone using the Little Caesars mobile app and their available online payment method.

Does Little Caesars take contactless payment?

Yes, one of the benefits of their digital payment system, like Apple Pay, is contactless payment. All you gotta do is hold your phone over a compatible card reader while you’re checking out, without even having to swipe a card.

What forms of payment do Little Caesars accept?

Little Caesars accepts mobile, contactless payments, it has an iPhone and an Android app, International payment methods, and also supports all four of the major US payment methods. 


In our article, we talked about whether Little Caesars accept Apple Pay and answered all the related questions. 

We shed light on other payment methods of Little Caesars, and how to pay online using their app and in their stores using your smartphones. We are really grateful for your unwavering attention till the finale. 

Hope we were of help, if you’re still having further queries let us know in the comments below!

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