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Does Kohl’s Take AfterPay?


Afterpay is the most accessible and convenient way to purchase items without emptying your bank accounts. As Kohl’s is the most famous retail store chain in the United States, let’s dive into their payment method details.

Does Kohl's Take AfterPay?
Kohl’s doesn’t accept AfterPay as their payment method. This is because they offer other modes of payment as their policy.

 If you want to explore why Kohl’s does not accept Afterpay or what other methods Kohl’s takes, read my article to the conclusion.

Why doesn’t Kohl’s Take AfterPay?

Kohl doesn’t accept Afterpay because of some reasons. One reason that AfterPay is not yet being approved by Kohl’s is that they offer other payment methods.

So, you cannot make any purchases in stores or online by using this method.

That does not mean you cannot buy a thing and pay later at Kohl’s. They provide other plans you can utilize for your shopping, such as Klarna and Zip.

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What Other Payments You Can Use At Kohl’s?

The other payments that they accept at their store or online or with which you can shop with ease are:

How Can We Use Zip Or Klarna As A Payment Method Accepted by Kohl?

You can use the two methods very easily with the help of your phone. So wherever you go to shop at Kohl’s follow the steps which I always do.

Payment through Zip

With four steps get your payment done.

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Payment Through Klarna

Paying through Klarna is also so easy as you can pay through Zip.

How To Use AfterPay Online?

If you want to shop with your AfterPay at other stores that accept AfterPay, let me give you an easy method of its use. It’s simple, with a few steps.

How To Use AfterPay In Stores?

If you want to use AfterPay in stores that do accept it, you should follow the following few steps;

All you must remember is that you must have some amount in your account equal to the first installment of AfterPay.


In short, you cannot use AfterPay at Kohl’s because they don’t accept it as their payment method according to their company policy.

You can shop from them using the Zip or Klarna app, the same as Afterpay, as they allow you to shop and pay in installments.

You can also shop through the other payment methods mentioned in the article, such as debit cards, credit cards, etc.

I have mentioned the use of AfterPay in stores and online, which might help you if you want to shop from other stores that accept the AfterPay method.

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