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Does Gopuff Take Ebt?


Can you use your EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card on Gopuff? Unfortunately, Gopuff does not currently accept EBT as a form of payment.

EBT benefits are not applicable for hot, prepared foods or items meant to be consumed in-store.

However, you can still enjoy the convenience of Gopuff by using major credit and debit cards, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Google Pay to purchase your favorite snacks and other food items.

So while EBT is not an option, there are still plenty of ways to satisfy those cravings through Gopuff. 

Can You Use EBT or SNAP Benefits at Gopuff?

If you’re wondering, “Can I use EBT on Gopuff?” I’ve got the scoop for you.

While there are plenty of online grocery delivery services, it’s essential to know that Gopuff is not among the few that accept food stamps or government assistance.

That means Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cards cannot be used as payment on Gopuff.

If you rely on these forms of assistance, it’s worth exploring other options that accommodate EBT payments. Stay informed and find a service that suits your needs.

What Payment Methods Does Gopuff Accept?

While GoPuff, unfortunately, doesn’t accept EBT as a form of payment, they do offer several other convenient options.

You can choose from the following payment methods when using GoPuff:

It’s important to know that GoPuff allows multiple payment methods to be linked to your account. This makes it simpler to switch between different methods as needed.

So, even though EBT isn’t available, you can still enjoy the convenience of using GoPuff with these alternative payment options.

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Why Doesn’t Gopuff Accept EBT?

GoPuff doesn’t accept EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. Why, you ask?

Well, it’s simply because they legally can’t. You see, EBT doesn’t cover food that restaurants prepare.

And since Gopuff delivers prepared food to customers, they can’t process EBT or SNAP payments. So, if you are using food stamps, there are better options than Gopuff.

How Does EBT Work

Are you familiar with the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system?

It’s a way for state welfare departments to distribute benefits like food stamps and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to those in need.

Here’s how it works: The EBT card, which looks like a debit card, can be used at most stores that accept debit cards. You will need to apply for benefits through your state welfare department to get one.

If you are approved, they will mail you the EBT card.

With this card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs or use it to buy goods and services at stores that accept debit cards.

Grocery Services That Accept EBT Cards

1. Walmart

Walmart offers convenient grocery services like curbside pickup and delivery. To place an order, visit their official website or use the Walmart app.

When it comes to payment, Walmart accepts EBT payments from almost 48 states across the US. If you are using an EBT card, you can order groceries from Walmart for a minimum of $35.

However, there might be a pickup fee if your order exceeds this amount. This fee varies depending on the delivery method.

It’s important to remember that EBT can only be used for approved products, and the fee needs to be paid separately using a debit card.

3. Amazon

You can use your EBT to shop for groceries on Amazon. They offer this service across the US, except in Alaska, Montana, Louisiana, and Hawaii. Amazon has two types of grocery services available for customers:

  1. Amazon Fresh: Like regular grocery stores, Amazon Fresh delivers various items like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, poultry, and meat. They operate in select cities across the US.
  2. Delivery Time and Minimum Order: Amazon Fresh delivers your groceries within 1-2 hours. You can place an order starting from a minimum of $35 (or $50 in some regions). If your order is below this amount, a delivery fee applies.


ALDI, a grocery store, offers EBT-approved products to eligible customers.

It operates in nearly 37 states and aims to assist customers with EBT cards by providing grocery services.

With 1700 stores across these states, ALDI has a wide reach. What sets ALDI apart is the convenience of ordering their approved products through the Instacart app.

Create an account on the app, choose your preferred ALDI store, and start placing your orders hassle-free. It’s a simple way to access the groceries you need right at your fingertips.

4. BJ’s Wholesale

BJ’s Wholesale accepts EBT card benefits for in-store purchases nationwide.

However, it also allows EBT payments for food delivery, but only in select states such as Florida, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.

Remember that you can’t order approved products or food through their app; online orders must be placed exclusively through the BJ’s Wholesale website.


Wondering if Gopuff accepts EBT or food stamps? Let’s clear things up. While you can buy approved products with your EBT card, GoPuff doesn’t currently get it as a payment method.

However, don’t worry!

There are other grocery services available where you can use your EBT card. GoPuff is an excellent option for purchasing using your debit card or other payment options. Just keep in mind that EBT cards aren’t accepted.

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