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Does Applebee’s Take Apple Pay?


If you want delicious food in plentiful portions that are offered in great deals, then go nowhere else than Applebee’s. Not only their food but their Applebee’s payment options are convenient.

Does Applebee's Take Apple Pay?
Yes, Applebee’s takes Apple Pay as their payment option because Applebee’s Apple Pay is a very convenient and secure way to pay by using your Apple Watch or iPhone.

So let’s take a deep look at Applebee’s Apple Pay, Applebee’s payment options, and whether Applebee’s pay online. Let’s dive into the details of this topic.

Can I Pay for Applebee’s by Apple Pay?

I learned that Applebee’s is the most significant and widespread chain restaurant network in the United States.

So, if you have a craving for American Cuisine, make a visit with your friends and family to this spot, which offers attractive payment methods.

If you want to seek the answer to the question, Does Applebee take Apple Pay? Then listen. “Yes,” they do take it as their payment method.

So enjoy the grill and bar in the cozy environment with Applebee’s Apple Pay, which is fully secure and easy to use.

How Can I Use My Apple Pay At Applebee’s?

Do you have your iPhone? Or do you have your Apple watch? If yes, then you are in luck! To pay from Apple Pay, you will need either of these devices.

I have my iPhone as well as an Apple watch. So whenever I visit Applebee’s, I use my iPhone. But last time, I just remembered that I had to take my phone.

Fortunately, I had my Apple watch. My friend Mike asked me how I paid through my Apple Pay, so I explained to him like following:

Mike was very astonished and very satisfied and started using the same method to pay his bills through Apple Pay at Applebee’s.

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Is There Any Of AppleBee’s Online Payment System?

Is Applebee’s pay online? So let me make it clear to you.

Applebee does not take online payment through Apple Pay, possibly due to the need for more technology. But you can still have your easy online payment through other means to pay Applebee’s through your Apple Pay.

The very first method is Buying gift cards. You can also pay through a delivery app.

I availed both of these options and made my payment easy.

1. Gift Cards

I bought a gift card and paid for it through my Apple Pay. After that, I added the gift card to My Apple wallet, from where I used it to make other payments.

2. Delivery App

The second method which I availed was the delivery App. Downloaded my delivery app, selected my delicious food items, and paid with a single tap from my app to Applebee’s. You, too, can utilize these options to smooth your payments. 

Do Applebee’s Offer Other Payment Options?

Despite Apple Pay, Applebee also has other Applebee Payment options. And that is to avoid any inconvenience for its customers.

You can use Cash, Debit cards, Credit cards, or Gift cards at all Applebee’s branches. These are all traditional methods so they can be used at every location.

But remember, these payment methods can only be used in-store, not online purchases can be made through them.

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Applebee’s Curbside Pickup

Some people were using this method at the restaurant. I was amazed that Applebee’s accepts this method, too.

It’s a contactless method that you can use at the curb instead of dining in at the restaurant. Just open your mobile app for it.

After completing your order on the app, drive towards the curb area. The employees will identify your vehicle by the information you have given, like the color of the car, etc.

You can quickly get your food, avoiding dining in and delivery charges, as you are getting your order by yourself. 

Few Exceptions Of Apple Pay

One of my friends, John, is living in Panama. He could not use his Apple Pay at Applebee’s. But  I could use it as I am living in the United States. 

I confirmed this confusion and came to the statement that some countries don’t accept Apple Pay, whereas some countries do take it. That was because of the advancement of this system. The countries where it still needs to be recognized don’t accept it.

Chile, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, and Honduras are the countries where Apple Pay still needs to be installed and cannot be used. Whereas,

The United States, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, and Canada have installed Apple Pay, so one can quickly pay using Apple Pay.


Applebee does accept Apple Pay at some locations because of its installation there, whereas it is rejected in some places because of its uninstalled nature.

So you got your answer in my article, Does Applebee’s take Apple Pay? So “yes” is taking it nowadays because of the advanced era. 

I recommend using Apple Pay at Applebee’s because of its secure and convenient method. Moreover, it’s a contactless payment method, so everyone prefers it.

Better luck and enjoy your delectable bites with your friends and family at Applebee’s with its safe and easy payment method of Apple Pay.

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