5 Best Budget One Handed Keyboard for Gaming (PC Usage)

The best budget one handed keyboard will do the same work as a regular gaming keyboard, but it will make the job ten times more convenient for you. There will be no additional keys that you might accidentally press.

Moreover, its compact size will make it much easier to use a One Handed Keyboard for Gaming over the usual keyboards.

Once you start playing gaming using these specially designed keyboards, there is no going back because your gaming experience is changed forever.

Gamers have been relying on the traditional keyboards on computers for years now to meet both the purpose of gaming and doing other work.

The regular gaming keyboards that came around in the market quite a while back were definitely sturdier than the regular keyboards, but they were still not good enough.

The gaming community kept searching for better tools to enhance their comfort and ease of playing, and modern technology delivered in the form of one handed gaming keyboards,

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Best Budget One Handed Keyboard for Gaming

So, have you been planning to buy a new one handed keyboard to make gaming more fun? Here are the five amazing products you should consider.

Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed Mechanical Keyboard

Best Budget One Handed Keyboard for Gaming

This is the best one handed keyboard for gaming that offers a great combination of functionality and ergonomics to ensure much more convenience while gaming.

As a matter of fact, the multiple features of this keyboard is pretty commendable. You will get programmable keys that you can customize as per your needs.

Moreover, the short travel switch offers a fast response, so that you don’t miss a beat in the middle of your winning streak.

That is not all, as the Best Budget One Handed Keyboard also has a convenient palm rest and smooth macro keys.

Furthermore, professional gamers will love this one because it comes with an anti-ghosting feature. You can also adjust the backlight as per convenience.

  • Provides protection against any kind of accidental spillage
  • The product has double-injected keycaps.
  • The palm rest ensures convenience while gaming.
  • Faster responses from the short travel switch
  • The anti-ghosting feature for professional gamers
  • An affordable product with good features
  • It needs a scroll-lock key, and not solely the LED dimmer option.
  • Not every key has its own backlight, such as the ESC key.
  • The backlight is not equally bright for all the keys.

ZJFKSDYX One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking for the best gaming keyboard that is as easy to set up as it’s to use, then this is it. After all, you wouldn’t need any drivers for it.

The keyboard has automatic recognition and comes with blue mechanical switches that let you customize it as per your preference. Furthermore, the key and macro combination ensures fast command.

The optimized functions of the key also make the one handed keyboard perfect for particular types of games.

Moreover, the sliding rail kind of palm rest offers better comfort because of its ergonomic design. Your gaming feeling gets further enhanced by the use of attractive LED backlights that provide clarity of vision.

  • The sliding style of palm rest for additional comfort
  • Provides automatic and instant operation
  • It has a mechanical blue switch for professional gamers
  • Easy to set up and simple to use
  • The colored LED backlights for added clarity
  • USB port for convenient connection
  • Needs more programmability options for additional macros
  • The keys are too firm with a loud clicking noise.
  • Need to unplug the keyboard each time the xim starts to get it to power on.

RedThunder One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Budget One Handed Keyboard for Gaming

RedThunder has come up with the best one handed gaming keyboard that is ideal for the iOS and Android systems. In addition to that, the ergonomic design of the keyboard keeps hand fatigue away during those long hours of gaming.

The RGB backlights improve your gaming experience and add more style to this rather cool piece of gaming accessory.

In other features of this one handed gaming keyboard, a prominent one is that of in-built mapping algorithms that do not need any activation to operate.

The simplicity of the plug-and-play operation also deserves extra points, and so do the rechargeable batteries of the keyboard. The strong rhythm from the mechanical switch helps you during gaming.

  • Works really well with Android and iOS systems
  • The plug and play operation for ease of usage
  • Comes with in-built 2000 mAH lithium-ion battery
  • A great choice for gamers who play on their mobiles
  • A durable and solid product that lasts long
  • The Bluetooth capacity is only for tablets and phones, but for the PC.
  • The software for creating macros is in Chinese.
  • Very few users have complained of facing issues with the backlight.

STOGA RGB One Handed Gaming keypad

Another one handed gaming keyboard on the list that lives up to its promises is this one from STOGA. You can customize the programmable keys of this keyboard and further improve the functions as you need.

All of the twenty-three keys are programmable here. Moreover, the multimedia shortcuts and multiple buttons for web navigation make it the best keyboard to bring home.

Above all, the custom configuration has four layers, which ensures the widest compatibility. If you are an avid gamer, you would love the compatibility that the keyboard has to offer.

The best one handed gaming keyboard also comes with a detachable USB cable and RGB backlight.  Lastly, you will get several color options to choose from.

  • All the twenty-three keys are programmable
  • The product comes with the removable USB cable
  • Includes four layers of custom configuration
  • The brightness of the RGB backlights can be adjusted
  • The keys are smooth to use and come with additional keycaps
  • The cable needs to be at least a foot longer for convenience
  • The mouse interface makes programming software tricky
  • The keyboard lays completely flat because there’s no support below it.

Skywin Programmable Gaming Keypad

Best Budget One Handed Keyboard for Gaming

This is the best one handed keyboard with programmable keys that you can personalize based on your gaming needs. It is compatible with all kinds of games and apps.

The brand claims that it has an ergonomic design that gives you the kind of comfort you need while playing. Moreover, there are mechanical switches on the keyboard that are ideal for avid gamers.

One of the things that makes it the best one handed gaming keyboard is that it is compatible with a range of operating systems.

In fact, you can even dim out the RGB lights based on your preference. The compact design of the one-hand keyboard will also save a lot of space on your desk while giving you the functionality that you need.

  • Compatible with most of the operating systems
  • Comes with customizable hotkeys
  • Enjoy compatibility with the most number of applications
  • The RGB backlights can be customized as per your need
  • Compact design saves space on your desktop
  • Mechanical switches on the keyboard for ease of using
  • The macros might create some issues while working
  • Drivers don’t work smoothly for anything under Windows 10
  • Does not have a completely ergonomic design

How to buy the best Product keyboard

Buying the best one handed gaming keyboard is not that hard once you have a clear idea about the things you are looking for. Here is a detailed buying guide on the keyboards that will help you in selecting the right product based on your requirements.

The number of keys:

It would be wrong to assume that a gaming keyboard with as many keys as possible is your best bet. The manufacturers might compromise with key sizes and spacing to include additional keys in the keyboard. It will just make the keyboard clumsy and difficult to use. So, it is best to avoid buying a keyboard that has excessive keys.

The programmability of the keys:

Every gamer has his/her preferred playing style. Thus, the best handed keyboard will have enough programmability to make you comfortable while gaming. You should check how far you will be able to customize the programs when you use the chosen keyboard.

The backlit illumination:

Though most of the top models come with the backlit feature, there is no reason to think that it’s present on every keyboard. Some of the keyboards are so good that you can even customize the backlit illumination as per your preference. So, even if you are not going for backlit customization, at least make sure that the illumination is there.

The membrane or mechanical keys:

There are two different types of keypad styles, namely the membrane and mechanical keys. Activating the switch under the keycaps is enough for activating the mechanical keyboard. All professional gamers like mechanical keyboards over the membrane ones because of the ease of operation and durability. The membrane keys get activated by the passage of electric current through membranes for processing the command.

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