10 Best Cheap Gaming Chair with Footrest (Headrest & Lumbar Support)

Gaming has become a full-time profession and many earn a living by playing and streaming popular games. Especially, PC gamers are widespread and are highly passionate about having a distinct, futuristic gaming station.

Among the essential accessories, a gamer looks for the best cheap gaming chair with footrest to have comfortable long-playing sessions. As a chair determines the hours of playing, it is the most important thing a gamer needs.

Primarily, a good chair must provide a wide seating area with a cushion. This cushion must be soothing to the sitting part of the body. Also, this comfort decides the lumbar support as it is the next important thing for lengthy sitting.

The absence of lumbar support leads to severe back pain and will become a great discomfort. The backrest part of the chair should also be cushioned and must have reclination.

A gaming chair with angular reclination makes it ultimately cozy. Lumbar support, Hand rest, footrest, and headrest must be present at appropriate heights and should have adjustability. The footrest must have adjustable variations with respect to position.

Apart from these features, the chair must be equipped with sufficient and durable suspension. For better mobility, it should be fitted with wheels or rollers. Let us look at some of the best gaming chairs you can get for your beloved gaming station:

Best Cheap Gaming Chair with Footrest (Headrest & Lumbar Support)

Now, you know that you need a good chair like that, but choosing one is still not the easiest job ever. After all, there are too many options to get you all confused about which one to go for.

So, here is a list of the Ten Top best gaming chair with footrest, Headrest, and Lumbar Support followed by a detailed buyers’ guide. It will help you in choosing the right product to bring home.

LUCKWIND Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support, Headrest and Footrest

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest, Headrest and Lumbar Support

If you are a racing games fanatic, this chair will be the exact fit for your station. Inspired by racing car seat design, this chair has an embraced wing back structure to fully fit your shoulders and back.

Fitted with an ergonomic cushioned seat that gives better comfort for your sitting muscles, this chair has a removable lumbar pillow to provide good lumbar support.

Made up of PU leather, the chair has memory foam embedded in it which fits your sitting posture and spreads your weight evenly. The retractable footrest can be adjusted according to your position. The chair has silent reclination from 90-135 deg for comfortable gaming.


  • Wing back structure with soft padded hand rest
  • Removable lumbar support cushion
  • Multiple reclining positions (90-135 deg)
  • The Great Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support
  • Retractable footrest
  • Memory foam cushion
  • PU leather built 
  • 360-degree swivel

Hbada Gaming Chair with Footrest, Height Adjustment, Headrest and Lumbar Support

A chair with the definition of ergonomic design is the Hbada gaming chair. With six different systems, this chair gives the ultimate comfort for continuous gamers.

Equipped with a removable headrest and lumbar support, this chair has the best support for the neck and back. It has a 360 deg swivel with up to 155 deg reclination that provides a relaxing gaming experience.

A padded armrest that is adjustable up to 7 cm and a total seat height adjustment of 8cm allows a large number of variations according to the comfort of the gamer.

The durable base has racing-like caster wheels that increase movability. This PU leather-made chair has foam-based seating paddles and helps in long sessions of gaming.


  • Six different ergonomic systems
  • 90-155 deg reclination
  • Adjustable footrest and armrest
  • Removable headrest and lumbar support
  • High-density cushion

Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support Fully Reclining Back and Slide-Out Footrest

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest, Headrest and Lumbar Support

Sit back, relax and enjoy long hours of gameplay with this excellent gaming chair designed ergonomically. Built using PU leather with foams under seating paddle for better cushioning.

Snap removable neck pillows and lumbar support helps through lengthy gaming hours. The armrest is held in a pivot that reclines and can be adjusted in terms of height also.

The back reclines comfortably from 87 to 145 degrees along with the flip-up sliding footrest. With the activated rocking motion, relaxing gameplay is possible for infinite hours.

Caster-type wheels arranged in a 5-star based configuration gives stability and support good suspension.  


  • Slide-out footrest with flip-up paddle
  • Pivoted armrest
  • Snap removal headrest and lumbar pillow
  • 87-to-145-degree reclination with an activated rocking motion
  • Fantastic Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

LUCKWIND Gaming Chair with Adjustable Padded Armrest, Footrest, Headrest and Lumbar Support

Gamers looking for a distinct fighter-style chair for your station, here you are with the gaming chair with a footrest! This ninja-style frame structure gives a unique look to the chair with a Black and red leather combo.

Appropriately cushioned seats with built-in headrest and adjustable lumbar pillow ease long hours of playing. The padded armrest provides good comfort. With an inclination of 135 degrees, there is no lack of relaxed gaming.

The slide-out footrest lifts the leg and avoids strain. A foldable 5-star base with racing casters gives stunning look and proper stability. This properly cushioned chair has a 20-inch seat height adjustment and can be snapped at the required level.

This chair is a must-try accessory for gamers.


  • Built-in headrest and Adjustable Lumbar pillow
  • Stunning Black and Red leather combo
  • 135-degree reclination with slide-out footrest
  • Lockable seat height adjustment till 20-inches
  • Trendy caster wheel design
  • Excellent Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

KCREAM Gaming Chair with Footrest, Headrest and Lumbar Support(Blue)

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest, Headrest and Lumbar Support

Fabricated with a single piece of alloy steel and high-quality wooden boards, this gaming chair is one of the sturdiest pieces of furniture you can get for your gaming station.

It is tailored with good quality high-density foam under the seat, arm, lumbar, and headrest paddles that provide softness and are covered with PVC leather for a better life.

The Backrest reclining up to 155 degrees and pneumatic seat height adjustment with BIMFA certified gas lift.

The footrest is retractable and pivoted height adjustable armrest gives comfortable positions to sit in. Also, the chair provides a rocking function up to 12 degrees. The Headrest is detachable and the lumbar pillow is removable.

This chair can hold up to 300 lbs of weight with excellent stability due to the nylon star base and smooth-rolling casters.


  • Made up of single piece alloy steel
  • Up to 155-degree reclination
  • 2D armrest adjustment
  • Detachable headrest and adjustable footrest
  • BIMFA certified gas lift

Nokaxus Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support(Massager) and Retractable Footrest

Tired of sitting in chairs with usual features? Get the best buy gaming chair with footrest and a lot of other features. This full steel frame gaming chair can hold up to 360 lbs weight providing top-notch sturdiness and stability.

Fabricated with PU leather for less wear and tear, this chair has the perfect cushioning effect in all of the resting places. The detachable headrest holds your head and neck in a very comfortable position along with a retractable footrest that lifts your leg from the strain.

High-density foaming makes long hours of gameplay tireless. The topmost feature of the chair is the lumbar support. This chair provides a waist pillow that can vibrate and provide a soothing massage for your back.

Other than that, it has a two-dimensional armrest adjustment and a Level 3 airlifting rod for seating height adjustment. Another great feature is that it can recline 180 degrees flat in which you could even take a nap!


  • Steel Frame 
  • Lumbar pillow with Massage support
  • 180 degree flat reclination
  • SGS certified Level 3 Airlift rod

N+A Gaming Chair with Adjustable Swivel, High Back and Footrest (White/Black)

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest, Headrest and Lumbar Support

A gaming chair that looks stunningly formal and at the same time perfect for gamers. This chair has all the cool features of a gaming chair such as a headrest, lumbar pillows, armrest, and fold-up footrest.

Covered in black and white PU leather, this chair has just the right amount of cushion softness.

With 170-degree back reclination, you can take short naps with the retractable footrest at your service. An excellent gaming chair that provides all the comfort at the right amount for cheaper pricing.

The sturdy build holds about 300 lbs of weight and smooth-rolling caster wheels help in mobility.


  • Covered in PU Faux leather
  • 170-degree back reclination
  • Folding up retraceable footrest
  • Sturdy Build quality

8BOSSIN Gaming Chair with Footrest, Headrest and Swivel Gaming Chair(Gray)

One of the finest premium gaming chairs made up of high-quality PU leather for long life and the best quality foam in the paddles for soothing comfort.

This wear-resistant material combined with an ergonomic design makes this chair an outstanding choice for intense gaming. Thick backrest and resilient lumbar support give the utmost comfort for lengthy gaming sessions.

A large seating area with a thick cushion gives large room and relaxed sitting. Armrests are curved and padded for better ergonomics.

Lifting rods are Class-3 SGS certified and can withstand up to 300lbs of weight. Reclination up to 155 degrees and rocking mechanism gives more convenience and variations in position.


  • Premium PU leather
  • Thick cushions with a large sitting area
  • Curved and padded armrest
  • Class-3 SGS certified airlift rods
  • 90-155-degree reclination

RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest

This gaming chair from RESPAWN has a unique ergonomic design, which makes the lumbar support even more comfortable. However, it is not the only thing that makes it the best gaming chair.

The design of the chair even helps in relieving fatigue. Furthermore, when you are not gaming, you can also use the chair for studying or working.

In addition to that, the construction of the product makes it highly sturdy, right from the tilt lock, the stable base, the removable pillows, to the retractable footrest.

The comfort factor of this high-quality gaming chair is further increased by the use of PU leather. After all, the leather is skin-friendly, which makes it a thoughtful feature in this gaming chair.


  • The use of PU leather for comfort, style, and function
  • Easy to assemble and comfortable to use for long hours
  • Removable pillows for headrest and the tilt function
  • PU casters attached to the base to protect the floor
  • High-density cushion for a luxurious feel

Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair with Fully Reclining Back and Slide-Out Footrest

The best gaming chair with footrest is all about innovations, and Flash Furniture X30 has been on the top of its game in that regard. After all, this is a product that is more than just a gaming chair with cushioned footrests.

There are seven color options to take your pick from in this product. Moreover, the retractable footrest has been designed in colors that match the base shades of the seat. 

Along with an ergonomically designed shape of the gaming chair with footrest, you will get soft handrails, high-density cushions for seats, and a retractable footrest.

Additionally, the head pillow and the waist massage pillow are also nice additions to the model. Lastly, the chair can easily support a weight of up to 350 pounds.


  • The color and design option is one of the best in the market
  • An affordable product that gets the job done
  • The ability to go recline at 180 degrees, and hold 350 pounds of weight
  • Cushioned footrest for added comfort
  • Head and waist massage pillow

Tips for Choosing and buying the Best Gaming Chair

Choosing the best cheap gaming chair with footrest will feel a lot easier than ever if you have a clear idea of all the factors you will have to consider before making the purchase. Given below are the tips to keep in mind when buying the best gaming chairs with footrest, Lumbar Support, Headrest and Swivel.

The Quality of the Footrest and others

One of the main reasons why you are buying a gaming chair with footrest is because you want a proper space to put up your legs and just relax while playing your favorite game. So, check if the footrest is retractable and has enough cushioning on it, just like the back and the seats.

The Lumbar Support

Many of the cool new chairs have massage functions in the lumbar support area to give you added comfort. You can look into such products if you want to buy something like that. But, even if your chair does not have that function, it should not compromise on comfort.

Ergonomics and Upholstery

Check out the quality of the material used to make the best gaming chair. It can be PU leather, mesh, or vinyl, and it determines the durability of the product. The comfort factor mainly comes from the design and the cushioning used in the chair. In this way, an ergonomic design will keep you comfortable for long hours of playing.

Budget Considerations

The price of the gaming chairs varies pretty widely. The important thing to remember is that the price is not an indication of quality. As such, there is no reason to think that just because a chair is priced too high, it will have all the features that you are looking for. So, make sure to compare the price of the gaming chairs with the number of features it has.


The only furniture that concerns a gamer is the chair. If a gamer is equipped with a gaming chair with footrest, then nothing stands between infinite hours of playing and an immersive experience.

With the list of these top-quality chairs, pick a suitable and affordable product for you. Play long with utmost comfort and sophistication.

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