8 Best Food Processor for Making Nut Butter (Most Important Appliances)

Are you looking for a food processor especially for grind nuts? before choosing the best food processor for making nut butter, you should need more about how this kitchen appliance would help to make other foods as well.

A food processor is specially designed for chopping, slicing, mixing as well as juicing.  If you have a food processor in your kitchen, you can do huge loads of monotonous and tiring kitchen works. And the food processor is the needy one to ease the kitchen work.

With the help of a food processor, you can quickly shred the veggies, turn the cookies into crumbs, churn the creams and grind the meats.

Some food processor that comes along with the juicer to handle the liquid items. Basically, the food processor is to grind dry ingredients, from the following food makers you can also utilize it as a multi-functional kitchen device.

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Best Food Processor for Making Nut Butter

Nowadays, a food processor is not only an elite kitchen home appliance but this is used by a lot of people out there. From chefs to homeowners, everyone uses this food processor.

Due to its massive practicality, this appliance has earned huge popularity in past few years.

Once you go to buy the processor, you will have to ensure that you check each and every feature and functionality as well. As a fact of the matter, the food processors are easily accessible to grace even the most basic of kitchens.

In this section, you can go through a high featured best food processor for nut butter below.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

Best Food Processor for Making Nut Butter

One of the best processors is the Hamilton Beach 10-cup food processor for Nuts butter making and vegetable chopping. The great disappointment in food handling is halting to scratch down the slides of the bowl.

The Hamilton Beach bowl food processor helps to save time while grinding the Nuts and in this, you don’t need to remove the lid while taking out grind food from the bowl.

The bowl scraper attachment in the food processor scratches the sides to maintain the fixings near the edges for all the more even outcomes and to spare you time, no compelling reason to stop and eliminate the cover to utilize a spatula.

The 10 cup capacity Hamilton Beach processor has reversible disc slices and a shredding disc is used to slice also the vegetables like carrots, potatoes and to shred cabbage, cheese, and so on.

This shredding disc is placed in an upright position. The food processor comes with a powerful 450 watt motor with 2 speeds plus pulse.

And this food processor is easy to clean and it has BPA free bowl and lid. This food processor is very safe to clean with a dishwasher. It is with an S-type stainless steel blade is of different types.

The one is chopping or mixing blade for chopping of garlic, onions, herbs. Everyone likes the food processor because of its best features.

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap

To make excellent nut butter, We are suggesting another great product that is Hamilton beach, the multitasking stack & snaps 8 cup food processor. And you can able to grind, slice, shred, chop, puree, and more other things with the help of a stack &snatch an 8 cup processor.

The large 8 cup capacity can slice the large items like a block of cheese. The inherited bowl scrubber spares time by dispensing with the need to stop and scratch the bowl during handling, so food consistently remains nearby to sharp edges for even outcomes to prevent leakage.

The bowl motor hub in the food processor is sealed and the lid is closed with silicone. The no leakage processor helps to process the liquids like soups.

The stack and snatch processor comes with a BPA-free bowl. While processing the food, you can disassemble the processor to mix the extra ingredients and to get the items insides of the bowl.

This large feed chute comes with a reversible shredding disc or adjustable slicing disc. The stack and snap food processor comes with different blades like the reverse shredding disc is for chop and puree, slicing disc is for slicing the vegetables like potatoes, carrots.

The S-blade is mainly used to knead the dough. And finally, the slicing blades come with 6 settings for different shapes of slicing.

Vitamin E3 10 Explorian Blenders

Best Food Processor for Making Nut Butter

This is also one of the best food processor for making nut butter. Vitamin E3 blender is a well-equipped product and made in the USA which is the most trusted product in the market.  

The different variable adjustment in speed helps to get a variety of textures while blending the food items.  The capacity of the container is 48-ounce and it provides an ideal size for making little family suppers and it fits effectively under most kitchen cupboards.

The cutting blade is 3-ich diameter and the electrical capacity of the blender is 120V. The Vitamin E3 blender has aircraft-grade stainless steel blades which can easily cut the rough items and the blade length is 4.5 feet. 

You don’t want to disassemble your blender while cleaning, the Vitamin E3 can clean itself with warm water and dishwashing soap within 60 seconds.

Every side of the protected container in the VITAMIN E3 blender is intended to crease fixings back to the sharp edges for quicker, smoother mixing of the items.

The blades with high-speed movement provide friction heat from transforming the cold items into hot in six minutes. With the Vitamin E3 blenders, you can explore new items with minimum time.

Nutribullet Znbf30400z Blender

Best Food Processor for Making Nut Butter

Nutribullet blender is a definitive cooking partner with various paces that mix up any formula, both rapidly and absolutely.

The Nutribullet ZNBF30400Z blender works on a 1200W motor base and it has the Three limit speed and it gives you power control while pressing the button.  The heat produced during blending is managed by the vented pitcher.

This is another recommended product to make the best nut butter, also this Nutribullet acts as the best cooking partner is prepared to help make soups, sauces, and hot food items.

The blade in the Nutribullet blender is made with cyclonic action and the container is constructed with BPA-free, high-performance plastic. The whole Nutribullet Kit consists of a 64 oz blender pitcher with a lid and air-free lid cap.

The dimension of the blender is 7.75 L × 8.07 W × 16.101 and this blender is very easy to clean with the dishwasher. You can make a range of soups, sauces, and nut butter with strength, nutrient extraction technology, and flexible functionality.

Ninja Bn801Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System

The Ninja store that introduces the best quality product for the kitchen is Ninja BN801 professional plus with Auto-IQ and it comes in black color.

The crushing blades present in Ninja BN801 give you completely squashed ice for your smoothies and frozen beverages with 1400 watts of expert force.

The extractor blades assembly in the ninja blender separates intense fixings and concentrates a beverage containing nutrients and supplements from leafy foods.

The 72 oz capacity of Total Crushing Pitcher is good for making large quantity and it comes with a liquid capacity of 64 oz. The Processor  Bowl is much used in chopping food items and up to 2 lbs of dough.

Just pressing a button, you can make smoothies with good nutrients, chopping of vegetable mixtures and dough with inbuilt 5 preset Auto-iQ programs in it.

The components of the Ninja blender consist of a 1400 W motor base, 72oz Total crushing Pitcher, 24 oz Single Serve Cups with Lids, Pro Extractor Blades, and 64oz Precision processor bowl, chopping blade, dough blade.

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful motor

The Braun FP3020  is a 12 cup food processor and it is made in Europe with German Technology. The Barun FP3020 has one year warranty and comes with 600 Watt powerful motors.

The Barun FP3020 is a dual product that has both blender and juicer present in it. You can slice, whisk, chop and knead using the blender and make a high nutrient juice with help of a juicer attachment. 

You can clean every part of the blender and it is dishwasher safe.  The Dual control framework in Barun FP3020 with variable speed helps to set work guarantees for quick and even outcomes. 

The Barun blender has 12 cups for dry ingredients and 9 cups for a juicer.  You can assemble them easily and very convenient to store.

The processor does not start if you do not properly close the lid. The top-rated S-blade is present in it which is used for whipping and kneading the dough. This most creative product and especially need in Kitchen household items.

Omega J8006hds – Best food processor for nut butter

The Omega J8006HDS is a dual-stage juicer that helps in making fruit and vegetable juices with 80 revolutions per minute of high juice output.

Utilizing the low speed of 80 RPM brings about negligible warmth development and oxidation advancing it with healthy components.

This omega juicer is not only for making juice and also it can give you the best softy nut butter.

The Omega juices help in enhancing health with cold press juicing which can retain the healthy components and antioxidants. This juicer helps in extracting a high quantity of juices from fruits and vegetables and it also retains the nutrients within it.

This juicer has an automatic pulp ejection system from provides high yield juice with dry pulp.  The 110/120v power motor model present in the juicer provides high efficiency.

The outlet and extraction of the juices can be done easily with the help of a 5-setting adjustable end cap.  This Omega J8006HDS is the perfect juicer and it comes in the best features.  

What should you opt for while buying a Food Processor?

I hope from the above list of products, you may find your best food processor for nut butter, In this section, we will see what should we need to look as well before buying a food processor.

Make a list

Before buying a food processor, you will first have to decide on the ultimate budget. You should ensure the budget and make a list of the features properly.

First of all, you will need to know what food you will normally cook. Try to make a list of how the food processor will work in a certain way. 

Read reviews

Once you list out your needs and requirements, you will have to read the reviews online. A lot of consumer review offers the neutral comments on the advantages and disadvantages of numerous food processors.


One of the significant factors that you will have to look for while purchasing the food processor is its wattage. In order to avail best food processor for making nut butter, you will need the right wattage.

Though, one of the major benefits of the food processor outweighs the costs. A faster motor means an absolutely faster chopping time. You can also rest assured that this can tackle all the especially tough foods you may put through it, such as coffee beans or meat.

Along with that, you will need to know about the speed as well. Once you avail all the features and functionalities of the speed, you can simply buy one.

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