6 Best Dash Cam for Semi Truck (Compatible for Cars & Trucks too)

Well, before looking at the best dash cam for semi truck. Let’s see how this camera works and its features? Dashcams are becoming like a black box for trucks these days. An invaluable tool that helps to analyze the traffic, trucker’s driving, or to monitor truck’s safety.

Dash Camera is a small, compact tool that sits literally on your dashboard or under your rearview mirror and monitors the road. They also record the happenings continuously which can be saved to an external memory card.

They can be plugged into your vehicle’s electrical socket or your stereo using the USB port. Some dash cams come in pairs so that you can fit one of them to the front windshield and the other to the rear end.

This gives better monitoring of the traffic. Truckers face many hazards on the road and many trucking companies like to monitor their trucks.

Dash cam is a piece of key evidence for any on-road incident and they are very helpful in insurance claims. Drivers can look out for their trucks when not available and the companies can watch their irresponsible drivers.

Best Dash Cam for Semi Truck

So, to choose the best dashcam, check for the following key specs. A dashboard camera must have night vision to record the traffic in low light conditions or at dark.

Many road incidents happen at night and having a cam with night vision supports the driver’s point of view. Along with it, the dashcam must-have loop recording helps in easy sifting through the video.

Let us look at the best dash cams available. Here is some best dash cam for semi truck you can get nowadays with the best specifications available in the market.

Pyle Car Rear View Camera and Video Monitor

Best Dash Cam for Semi Truck

The all-new Pyle Car rear View camera and video monitor is specifically designed for your truck commencement so you can install it manually without any technical knowledge requirement which is a good thing and makes it the perfect product available on here.

The monitor consists of some of the advanced features that include some of the cool features like rear camera sensing and the auto-built in anti-glare sunshade which makes it the perfect tool kit with the anti stand mount.

You can have control over its brightness, color, and contrast even if the weather is much money you can have control over it as it has DC reverse 12 to 24-volt Trigger with auto-activation.

The display size is 7 inches which are efficient for semi-truck purpose. And you can have the control over device why are you moth which makes it the perfect product.

All of the necessary wearing side cables are being served in the package itself so you don’t have to purchase it externally.


  • You can have the control over remote which serves you a great value.
  • The 7″ screen size is being provided to you.
  • The 2 box hosting cameras are available in the box.

Erapta A9 Backup Camera System with 9’’ Large Monitor

The all-new backup camera system is one of the best dash cam for semi truck that you can install in the Traveling vehicle that you own. It’s ip69 waterproof which makes it the perfect product that you can grab and install as it mainly functions with the HD camera set up.

The overall size of the screen is nearly equal to 9 inches which is way more proficient if you are about to Grab a decent quality and viewing angle. Along with the rear cameras than 360 cameras are also available so you can have control over your vehicle.

The input power is around 12 to 24 V and had the built-in DVR which is a good thing.  The overall item weight is nearly about 8.05 pounds along with that the dimension calculated is 13.11 × 10.67 × 8.27 inches which makes it the perfect toolkit.


  • It is a waterproof product with IP69 waterproof.
  • The display size is 9 inches which is a good thing.
  • The power supply is around 12-24 V.
  • The 4 channels camera is being served to you.

JOINLGO 4 Channel 1080P AHD

The all-new JOINLGO 4 channel is the best in class security solution for your vehicle. Along with the storage and set of cameras, you also get a big display where you can check on the status of your vehicle in 360 direction which makes it the perfect tool kit that takes your User experience to the topmost level.

Some of the advanced features are included in the product like advanced detection and motion detection too. The overall dimension is nearly equal to 11.02 × 7.87 × 15.76 inches.

The resolution of the camera is 2mp which is acceptable. For the storage capacity, it has the SD card slot included where you can insert it accordingly and record the videos into 1080 p. The item weight is 9.67 pounds that makes it the best product that you should definitely look upon.


  • Advanced features like motion detection are included in the product.
  • The camera status is 1080 p which makes it the perfect toolkit.
  • The external storage is available that you can insert.
  • The 2 lithium batteries are required to make it run.
  • The USB slot is given for better commencement.

eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Monitor for RV

The all-new eRapta backup camera is available here at a great price. So if you’re the one for whom the security matters most this is probably the best dash cam that you can grab in water to maintain sustainability.

It comes with 4 sets of cameras that you can install according to your requirement.

Wrong with that the four-channel display is being served to you where you can check all the details thoroughly and so it shows you the detailed analytical report about the stuff that one can manage.

With complete accessories and the use of installation, you can get it which gives you an awesome experience.

The use of the monitor installed is around 7 inches, along that the cameras are waterproof so you don’t have to worry much about it. The overall dimension of the product is 6.7 x 0.8 x 4.3 inches and the overall weight of the product is 6.16 pounds.


  • Some of the advanced display features like wireless connectivity are available so that you can connect your Apple or Android smartphone.
  • The color of the product is black.
  • Get the product warranty on each purchase which is a good thing.

DVKNM Upgrade Dual Backup Camera Monitor Kit

The all-new DVKNM Upgrade dual backup camera monitor kit is one of the awesome products that you can install in your vehicle for better commencement.

It is a waterproof rear camera product with reversing rear camera as well that you can install in a truck or Saman trailer box.

It has a pixel resolution of around 1280 x 720p and the digital image is being served to you that gives you an awesome experience even if you’re not having any technical knowledge of using it. Along with that the camera and the product support night vision as well.

The leans installed in the camera are nearly equal to the 140° wide-angle which you can grab to have the overall look upon the vehicle.

The reverse camera will help you in the parking process. The power supply is required is DC 12V/24V which ha a good thing.


  • Some of the advanced features like the high frequency and the high temperature are available.
  • The DC 12V/24V of supply is required.
  • The TCT LCD screen is being served to you which makes it the perfect toolkit.
  • The resolution of the set is 1280 × 720p.
  • The 7 inches big screen is provided to you.

Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam Best Dash Cam for Semi Truck

The newly launched Pruveeo C2 dash cam with the infrared night vision is the best in class tool kit available out there that you can grab for the betterment of your semi Truck taxi and have a look upon your vehicle in a more authentic manner so that it would not get a steal.

The camera angle is nearly equal to 159 degree which is ultra-wide, it means you can have the complete control over the vehicle that makes the true sense. The memory card is being served to you which makes the true sense to grab the toolkit.

It supports up to 128 GB of storage along with that if you’re supposed to maximize the storage capacity you can also insert the SD card as well. The more advanced compression technology is available that one can use for better commencement.

The 2.71 inches touchscreen panel is available from where you can have complete control over the product that one can grab to install it into the product. For better user experience the night vision is being served to you which makes the true sense.


  • The SD card is being served to you.
  • The 128 GB of storage is being served to you.

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By now you must have realized the importance of having the best dash camera for semi truck. This list must have gotten you a pick. Look out for the key specs and suitable pricing. Have this tool in your truck and you never have to worry about your truck or the trucker.   

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