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Baseball is a unique game with players requiring distinct gears with respect to the position they are playing in. A pitcher requires a different type of outfit from a hitter. Infielder gloves are different from an outfielder’s gloves. These are the best baseball gloves for outfielders that provide the ultimate comfort and long-lasting usage.

But before buying an outfielder’s glove, there are some important things one should keep in mind. Unlike an infielder, an outfielder will have to cover a large area of the ground. This requires a unique type of glove that can get hold of the balls coming from larger heights and distances. Similarly, the type of web in the glove will also decide your ball holding and throwing capability. A larger, trap-like web will help you to grab the ball with ease and throw it instantaneously without any slip, also check our list of best pitching machines for baseball, best backpack for gym and work, and best basketball shoes for cushion.

Another important thing is the material of the glove. Glove materials are majorly divided into Synthetic and leather. It is recommended to have leather gloves for long-lasting usage and comfort. But they may cost a little more than the synthetic ones. Leather gloves will have a better knit, durability, and less wear. Synthetic gloves have less durability and lack wearing comfort.

List of best baseball gloves for outfielders

With these in mind, take a look at these trendy gloves for outfielders from different brands. Their specifications, pros, and cons are mentioned along with their prices. Choose the best fitting, durable glove of your liking.

Rawlings Pro Select Lite Baseball Youth Glove

The Rawlings comes up with the most efficient gloves that the baseball stars used to use for the commencement of their daily practice. The design and the quality of the glove are upper cool so one can use it without feeling uncomfortable for long hours.

Professional baseball stars such as Aaron Judge, Mike Trout, Manny Machado are consistently using this product for a while to improve their experience while the game is in the field. It’s not breakable due to tot the quality used in it while making the gloves.

On the palm, the padding is being served which makes it super comfortable even if you catch the bool with the high velocity. A couple of color options are available i.e. black and grey amongst which you can opt as per the need. It’s the 12-inch runner globes with a comfortable feel.


  • Right-hand and left-hand orientation are available.
  • The best padding is being available for a comfortable feel.
  • The weight of the package is 0.47 kg.
  • The material used is synthetic that is super durable in long run too.
  • Unisex product that can anyone wear as per the commencement.
  • The size of the globe is 12.

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove

Buy the all-new Rawlings product for the betterment of the sports which you can use in your next sport even. Most of the professional players used to wear the Rawling gloves prominently and efficiently which you can wear on a regular basis. It’s super easy to wear with great palm support.

It’s the Youth baseball gloves with 12 ½ inch size which makes it the most convenient of all time. The zero shock padding will give you a great feel even the ball travels at a high speed conventionally. The product is available for both the hand as per the requirement you can make the choice.

The dimension of the product is around 10.91 × 9.53 × 5.94 inches which makes it the most convenient product of all time that one can grab. The weight of the overall package is around 0.6 Kg which is a good thing and makes it super light even if you’re wearing it for a long time while playing a baseball match.


  • The material type is leather which is more convenient for high-end players.
  • Specifically designed for the men.
  • The size of the gloves I around 12.5 inches.
  • Applicable on both baseball and softball so accordingly make the choice.

Rawlings R9 Series Baseball Glove

Another quality and best baseball gloves for outfielders, Rawlings brings the R series gloves i.e. R9 which is more conventional and easy to use due to its effective material quality takes it the best in the class product of all time that is more efficient. Also the adding of the gloves are so great that even if the ball travels at a higher velocity it can be controlled.

It’s best suitable for the mean of the age 18-24 just ebavsue the item in itself more conventional and reliable too. For the pro-style players, this product makes the sense as it has the certainty to manage each shot played by the batsman.

The palm pad is reinforced so you’ll feel so comfortable even if you’re wearing it for a long duration. The size of the life is just 11.75 inches which makes it more reliable and scalable too. The product is durable just because the quality of the pad is insane.


  • The size of the globe is 12.75 inches.
  • The dimension is around 11.5 × 7 × 8 inches.
  • The weight of an item is 1 pound.

Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove

The Franklin brings the softball gloves that one could wear more comfortably and efficiently just because the quality of build is good and one can even manage the high ball speed. It’s the perfect product for recreational players, which you can consider as one of the best baseball gloves for outfielders.

The gloves can be adjusted according to the requirement. The leather meet finish is being served to you which is a good thing.


  • The over-dimension of the gloves is just 9.72 × 8.5 × 6.02 inches which are more comfortable.
  • It’s just 0.35 Kg in weight.
  • A 90-day ks warranty is available.
  • The size of the gloves is 11″.

Franklin Sports Pro Flex Hybrid Series Gloves for Baseball

Great product by franklin, for the retirement of the sports practice. Whether you’re a softball player or a baseball player it’s applicable to both sports. So you can manage the stuff accordingly. It also has the loading that’ll help you to control the ball.

The PU laminated PVC hybrid shell will surely improve the quality of the glove which is more conventional fake the sports enthusiast ones. The size of the globe is 13.5″ which makes sit more efficient all the time.

It’s more versatile for the T ball players too and the baseball players too which is a good thing. So if you’re the intermediate or the beginners you’ll be able to use it manually using the right or the left hand.  The 9 days of warranty is available that you can avail of. The quality of the gloves is leather.


  • The size of the gloves is just 13.5″ which is way efficient.
  • The quality of material used in the gloves is leather which makes sit even more durable.
  • The dimension is 12.1 × 12.1 × 3.8 inches which are even more scalable.

WILSON Wilson A700 Baseball Glove Series Left Sport mitt

The all-new Wilson A700 is the best gloves available in the market that you can opt for professional playing purposes. One can use it for the practice sessions or even for the regular matches as it’s super flexible and the comfort makes the sense to buy it.

The overall size of the gives is 12.6″ which is big enough for the intermediate players or the too layers in the field who are supposed to maximize the strength of playing the baseball more efficiently. The gloves available for both right and left hand too amongst which you can select the one.

The overlap dimension of the gloves is just 11.5 × 8.23 × 6.26 inches which are more relevant to regular users. The item weight is just 1.2 pounds. Also, the material of the gloves is leather which is a good thing for you to maintain sustainability.


  • The overall dimensions of the globes are just 11.5 × 8.23 × 6.26 inches which is a good thing.
  • The weight of the product is just 1.2 pounds.

Wilson A900 11.5″ Glove for Baseball

Wilson is serving the best in class and most worthy gloves for your upcoming sports event. So if you’re a bit conscious about the sporting event make sure to opt for the product for the betterment. It’s the right-hand throw glove that you can grab.

The overall size of the globes is 11.5″ which is way efficient for the mid sportsmen who are supposed to fill up their voids. It’s made up of leather material which makes it even more durable and authentic too. The design of the gloves is quite impressive and appealing.

The A900 comes with super comfortable material that serves you enough amount of value to maximize authenticity. The flexible design of the Wilson A900 is quite impressive do you can catch the ball efficiently and throw it as per the speed limit. The overall package weight is around 0.56 kg which makes it super impressive. And the dimension is also a bit stable at 11.5 × 7.01 × 5 inches which are way efficient.


  • The overall size of the gloves is 11.5″ which makes true sense.
  • The dimension is around 10.08 × 7.4 × 6.97 inches.

Mizuno Prospect Series PowerClose Baseball Gloves Hand Sport mitt

Another best baseball gloves for outfielders product, Mizuno prospect power close youth baseball gloves is considered to be one of the most efficient patterns which is being widely used why most of the professional players. The fitting of this glove is best in class so you will feel comfortable while wearing it even for a longer time.

The quality of the leader used in these gloves is quite impressive so you will feel it durable in a long time that makes it quite subjective as well. Available for both right and left hand and maintain the sustainability of your sport. The overall size of the glove is 11″ which makes it super comfortable for the 18 years old above.

The dimensions are 10.3 × 5.7× 5.3 inches which make sit super impressive and easy to use. The weight is as low as just 0.34 Kg that makes it quite subjective. The unisex product is being built for the sustainability of the players.


  • Unisex gloves so anyone can wear them.
  • Material is not yet specified but the quality is good enough.
  • The overall weight is around 0.34 kg.
  • The size of the globe is 11″.
  • The orientation of the globe is right hand.


Have you chosen the best baseball gloves for outfielders yet? We hope these top picks will fetch you the right gloves for your game. Your love of the game lies in the type of gear you are choosing for it. Therefore, choose them with all your heart, also keeping in mind the important things such as size, material, and comfort. All the best for your game!  

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